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The Mayor and Village Board members are elected "at large" to represent the entire City. They are not elected to represent districts or wards.

Village Committee meetings are usually held the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Village Board Meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays. . Check the Village Meetings Calendar or the Meeting Agendas pages for the official schedule.

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Trustees@Sauk Village.org

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Contact By Mail:
Office of the Village Board
21801 Torrence Ave
Sauk Village,
IL 60411
Phone: 708-758-3330
Trustee Derrick Burgess

Trustee Derrick Burgess

Derrick Burgess has been a Sauk Village Trustee since 2005.  Derrick and his wife Juanita have been residents of Sauk Village for 28 years and have raised three children in this community.  He is currently employed at the University of Illinois at Chicago as an Operating Plant Engineer.  Since moving here, Derrick has devoted many hours to being a public servant.  His contributions to the community are:   

  • Sauk Village Planning & Zoning Commissioner: 2004 – 2006
  • Sauk Village Countdown to 50 Committee Member
  • Founder & Co-Chair, “Deer Creek Community Watch” Program
  • Former Vice President, St. James Catholic School – School Board
  • Former Finance Chair, St. James Catholic School – School Board
  • Former Chair of the Parks & Recreation Committee: 2005 - 2009
  • Current Chairman of the Sauk Village Intergovernmental Relations Committee (www.svintergov.org)

As past chairman of the Parks & Recreation Committee, Trustee Burgess says, “I especially enjoyed my past appointment as director of the Parks & Recreation Committee.  I was most fortunate to be able to serve our community through the Village’s most precious resource, our youth.  I was also very fortunate to have the most dedicated set of volunteers, ever to serve on any committee.  Sandy, Nancy, Judy, Jackie, Debbie C and my wife represented the very core and heart of the Committee.  These ladies were very dedicated in scheduling, planning and executing all of Parks and Recreations’ time-honored programs and events; the back to school Corn & Dog Roast, The Miss Sauk Village, Junior Miss Sauk Village and Little Miss Liberty pageant, the Halloween Walk, two pre-teen dances, Christmas Parade, the infamous Basketball program and banquet, and lastly, the Easter Egg Hunt.  The careful planning and execution of these events were very instrumental in gaining the trust and confidence of our neighborhood children and their parents. I will always cherish the time I spent with this program. 

As of June 2009, I was appointed Chairman of the Economic Development Committee.  The goals set by this committee is proving to be very challenging due to our nation, state and village continuing to battle the long-term effects of the greatest economic meltdown since the Great Depression.  This committee has set its immediate focus on communicating with our existing businesses.  We want to ensure we hear what their needs are from a municipal standpoint and be ready to support them in these trying times.  My committee members have been very dedicated in planning and thinking of ideas to attract “new” businesses to our town.  Hopefully, when the economy recovers, we will receive the “call backs” from potential new businesses as promised


E-Mail Trustee Derrick Burgess:
DBurgess@Sauk Village.org
Trustee Edward Myers


Trustee Edward Myers

Ed Myers was born in Bradenton Florida.  After graduating from high school his family moved to Illinois in 1966.  He has lived in Sauk Village since 1969 with his wife Carol.  He raised 3 children in Sauk Village and is very proud of his four grandchildren.  He continued his education by attending classes in Prairie State College, Joliet Jr. College and DeKalb Jr. College.  He has been on the Sauk Village Fire Department since 1971, and is presently Assistant Chief of  Fire Prevention and Chief Fire Investigator for the Village. He worked for the Village from 1986 to 2001 as the department head of the Building and Code Enforcement Department.  He served on the BOCA International Board which created the property maintenance code that is still used today.
Ed was also the head of the Zoning Board and was instrumental in setting up the first Fair Housing Committee which created the Fair Housing Ordinance.  Ed was also involved with the first Cook County CDBG program and organized the Safety Committee where department heads and village officials worked together for the safety of our employees.
Ed presently serves as a director for the Illinois Firefighter's Association and served on the Safety Board for Senator DeAngelis .He is the Coordinator of the MABAS 27 Fire Investigators.  Ed is an elder of the Sauk Village Bible Church.
Ed has always been proud to be a resident of Sauk Village and has worked for the betterment of the village by trying to work together with the residents and the officials of Sauk Village.  

Trustee Edward Myers: 


Trustee Lynda Washington-House

Elected as an Independent in April 2013, Village Trustee Lynda Washington-House is chair of the Village's Neighborhood Watch Committee, a community-wide effort to assist the Sauk Village Police Department in keeping our neighborhoods safe.  Fighting crime is one of Trustee Washington's top priorities.  She also serves on the Village's Human Relations Commission.

 Originally from the South side of Chicago, Lynda Washington-House is the daughter of the late Pastor E.R. Allen, the longtime pastor of Christ Bible Center Church in the Roseland neighborhood.  Lynda is the mother of one adult son, Kenneth, and the grandmother of three boys. She has lived in the Village for two decades and works as an administrative assistant for School District 147 in Harvey, IL.  She has been active in her local labor union of AFSCME and in the choir of her church for 25 years.

Neighborhood Watch Committee Page


Trustee Lynda Washington-House: 
LWashington@Sauk Village.org


Trustee Rosie Williams  

Trustee Rosie Williams

Rosie Williams was first elected to the Board of Trustees in April 2005 at the age of 23 and re-elected in April 2009.Rosie Williams became the first African American Sauk Village government official. Rosie has been a resident of Sauk Village since1987. Rosie volunteered at the McConathy Public library for 5 years prior to her three years of employment there. Rosie was a Girl Scout for 11 years and a leader for 3 years. Rosie attended Wagoner, Rickover and Bloom Trail Schools. Upon graduation from Bloom Trail, Rosie chose to further her education, graduating from De Paul University in 2003 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology focusing on human development. Currently she works as a Director of Social Services for a nursing home. 

**Rosie decided to run for trustee because she felt that people her age were under represented in Sauk Village. This still remains a dominant goal but by no means her only goal.  Since serving on the Board and her subsequent re-election in 2009, Rosie has been ultimately focused on transparency in Government and accountability of the administration and the residents.  Trustee Williams works diligently with the citizens of Sauk Village to determine the best direction of the Village.  Trustee Williams hopes to accomplish this goal with the help of her position as chair of the Public Relations/ Website Committee.  Using avenues such as the Sauk Talk and the Website, she hopes to continue to lessen the informational gap between the Administration of the Village and the residents of the Village. 

**Since being elected to the office of Trustee, Rosie has worked hard to build the Public Relations Committee into the strong volunteer base it is today.  The Public Relations Committee has been responsible for updating and revamping of the website (bi-weekly), production and distribution of the Sauk Talk (bi-monthly), fundraising for and conducting Student Government Day activities (annually) as well as assisting other committees as the situations arises.  This committee was instrumental in the planning and implementation of the Sauk Village Family Festivals in 2007 and 2008. 

Public Relations Committee Page

Community Outreach Partnership Committee

Trustee Rosie Williams: 
RWilliams@Sauk Village.org


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Please note that any correspondence, such as e-mail or letters, sent to City officials or staff becomes public record and is available for public/media review.